Hi, I'm Jason & I am a UX Designer and UI Developer.

About Me

A kid playing with his Legos, that's how I feel.

I'm Jason and I've got a passion for creating. I enjoy the process as much as I do launching a product/feature. I believe in iteration and communication. My goal is to meet awesome people, create excellent things, and continue growing. I enjoy improv, rock climbing, skiing, camping, and learning new things.


I design aesthetically pleasing, readable, browsable, and responsive content. I like to use an iterative process, I start fantastical and then strip the design down to only the optimal.

UI Development

I build accessible interactive content that solves problems. I can prototype or build production ready code with HTML/CSS/JQuery. I keep code semantic and optimized by following best practices.

User Experience

I strive to create a better relationship between humans and technology by creating an intuitive experience. My goal is not to dazzle or force the user but allow the user to follow their own flow.

My Work



My friend and I started doing freelance work together. I decided we needed something to stand out from the crowd. I experimented with colors and layout. This is the site I designed and built.

User Experience User Research Scss HTML5 JavaScript Design

Friday Night Fights

Friday Night Fights

I built this website as a fun side project. I helped a local non-profit theater create a website for one of their improv shows. I did the UX Design and the Front-End development. I decided to make the site fun and interesting to match the style of the show.

User Experience User Research Scss HTML5 JavaScript Design


Househappy Web App

As a UX Designer at Househappy I worked on different features, including a full redesign and rewrite of styles, making the design and code more modular. I also helped to design and develop new features.

User Experience Prototyping Wireframing User Stories User Flows Design Scss HTML5 Spine.js Ruby

Househappy Image

Househappy iOS App

As a UX Designer at Househappy I was responsible for user experience, prototyping, and designing on both Househappy's iPhone and iPad app.

User Experience Prototyping Wireframing Interface Maps Design Animation


Jerhel Redesign

I was hired to redesign Jerhel's website. The goal was to make all interactions more user-friendly and make the website usable on all devices.

User Experience Responsive Design Content-First Design Compass HTML5 Design AngularJs Laravel

Jason's Portfolio

Portfolio Site v1

This was the first version of this website. My goal was not only to build a portfolio website to showcase my skills but also to have a place to experiment with new tools and ideas.

User Experience Prototyping Responsive Design Design Scss HTML5 Middleman

My Design Process

Simple and Usable comes from complicated

The design process is an agile, iterative, and malleable process. It takes experience and skill to know what to do when. My design process takes from such methodologies as Content-First Design, Style-Guide Driven Development, Agile UX, Human-Centered Design, User Research and my toolbox is still growing.

Methods and deliverables I might use:

  • Kickoff Meetings
  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Stakeholders Interviews
  • Personas
  • Empathy Maps
  • Journey Maps
  • Alignment Meetings
  • User Stories
  • Storyboarding
  • Team Brainstorming
  • User Feedback
  • Stakeholder Feedback
  • Team Feedback
  • Sketches
  • Interface Maps
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Live Style-Guides
  • Iteration
PDF of My Design Process

What is a UX Designer?

The term UX Designer can mean different things to different people. What I think makes a UX Designer is their ability to combine their research, knowledge of technology, and design skills to create a simple, usable, and aesthetically pleasing interface. This takes a strong working understanding of many design processes. Most importantly a UX Designer must be able to communicate and collaborate, while understanding the needs of the users and stakeholders. This is what I do.