I'm a UI/UX Designer and Front-End Developer

...and that's what this site is about
Jason Swetzoff

About Me

A kid playing with his Legos, that's how I feel.

I'm Jason and I've got a passion for creating. I enjoy the process as much as I do the final product*. I believe in iteration and communication. I'm self-taught and never stop learning. My goal is to meet awesome people, create excellent things, and continue growing.

*Even though a project is never truly finished.

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I design aesthetically pleasing, readable, browsable, and responsive content. I like to use an iterative process, I start fantastical and then strip the design down to only the optimal.

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I build accessible interactive content that solves problems. I keep code semantic and optimized by following best practices.

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User Experience

I strive to create a better relationship between humans and technology by creating an intuitive experience. My goal is not to dazzle or force the user but allow the user to follow their own flow.

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